Self Guided Tour

This tour takes you on a leisurely stroll around our property.  Signs along the way guide you and provide information on topics ranging from the vineyards, winemaking, birds in the area, the Carolinian forest and the local area and history.  This complimentary tour is available without reservation throughout our opening hours.


All inclusive tour:

 1.5 hours in length, $12 per person, reservations required.

This is a general overview of the whole facility – including each of the specified tours.  Your tour begins with sampling of 4 wines, an explanation of the winemaking techniques used for its creation.  Continue on into the vineyard for a look at the viticultural techniques we use to create a premium wine.  Finally, learn a little about our history, location and ecology.  The Harbour is deeply entrenched with stories from the past and our rare Carolinian forest adds to its beauty.


Wine Production Tour

45 Minutes in length, $7 per person, reservations required

Includes 4 samples of wine. Learn in detail the art of winemaking.  This is an in depth description on the techniques used to create a premium wine.  Tour takes place in the processing area.


Viticulture Tour Tasting

Includes 4 samples of wine,$7 per person

Includes 4 samples of wine.  Learn about the different viticulture techniques used here at Harbour Estates in order to produce premium quality fruit.


***Cheese plates can be added to any tour for an additional cost of $3.00 per person***

**Prices are based on minimum of 15 people**

**Additional taxes may apply*


Touring & Tasting


Open Daily 12 pm to 5 pm